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48 Hours in Luxembourg

Luxembourg! One of the smallest nations in Europe, it’s located between France, Belgium and Germany. Luxembourg had the first EU leader to marry someone of the same sex! It also has the second highest minimum wage in the world.The capital city is also called Luxembourg, and there’s a 17km long network of tunnels beneath the City that were originally built in 1644.I arrived by train from Brussels in Belgium after a fabulous journey through the Belgian countryside. Topped off by the most amazing pizza pie spinach thing at the station. Incredible. The station is actually located about a ten minute walk from the old town, but it’s a great approach as you climb up towards the fortified town.Luxembourg old town is built up on a rocky outcrop which makes it only accessible by bridges on three sides which gives it an almost mystical quality. The small gorge that runs beneath the bridges has been turned into lovely parkland with a lazy river wanding its way through.I was staying at a youth hostel down in one of these valleys called the mon hotel, it was so cute surrounded by a forest and the river Alzette running past it. I checked in and dropped my stuff off.It was a beautiful day at around 25°c in the middle of June. I wandered off in search of adventure. Honestly you wouldn’t think you were in a capital City, the cute stone houses and small bridges crossing the river made me feel like I was out in some idyllic country village.

I found an elevator with an impressive design hanging off the side of the cliff, and took it all the way to the top. As I ascended I couldn’t believe the amazing views over the countryside.At the top I took an obligatory selfie and marveled at the design of Luxembourg. I then set off to explore the streets of the town. It’s a cute place to wander around but there aren’t many ‘big sights’.However there are plenty of old interesting buildings to look at, like the notre dame cathedral and pretty squares to stop for a coffee or beer.One of the most beautiful parts of the town looks out towards their most famous bridge the Adolphe with the Musee de la Banque just peaking out from behind some trees.I think Luxembourg is one of the greenest Cities I have ever visited. I descended back down into the valley to wander around the park and enjoy the cool evening after the heat of the day.All this walking was making me hungry, so I ended up in a generic pizza place. Where I wasn’t even embarrassed about eating a large all to myself. After this I sat outside a small cafe/bar and watched the world go by with a nice cold beer.As the sun began to set I headed back in the general direction of my hostel, which took me past some cute little turrets with more amazing panoramic views. After a night cap in the hostel bar it was bed time, but I couldn’t wait to explore more of Luxembourg.The next day I woke very early before sunrise and decided to head up to the Bock, the old fortified castle walls that sit above catacombs and tunnels in the hillside. I sat there and watched the the sun peak out from the horizon. It was such a calm and peaceful moment.I followed this up by walking down to the river again and following it in the opposite direction to yesterday. This was a particularly interesting route.The old bridges and churches looked beautiful in the morning light as I looked up and spotted caves in the cliff side. The reflections in the water made for an amazing picture too!It was turning into another scorcher of a day, so after a simple breakfast of bread cheese and an apple I set out once more. This time I was going to check out the Grand Duke Jean museum of modern art that sits atop a hill opposite the town.It was a beautiful walk up past old fortifications, and once I reached the top of the hill the views back across to the City were fab.I stopped off at Fort Thungen, a reconstructed castle that was demolished after the treaty of London in 1867. This treaty demanded the demolition of the City’s fortifications due to it’s neutrality after centuries of foreign rule.It houses a museum which shows the history of Luxembourg and the City, with lots of artefacts. Make sure you head up to the rooftop to enjoy some fresh air and 360 views. Just beyond the Fort is the art museum, also known as MUDAM.This impressive building is super modern and has revolving exhibitions, check out the website to see what’s on. When I visited the installations were really cool, I spent a really good amount of time here and got a quick bite to eat in the cafe.I walked back to the City through the Parc des Trois Glands, and found myself opposite the elevator from the day before. I took the elevator back up and hung out in the Parc Kinnekswiss, sunbathing and people watching, it was a great way to spend the early afternoon.Next up I wanted to explore the underground tunnel network, so I headed to the Casemates back near my hostel. It’s 7 Euros entrance fee and you get to wander around at your own pleasure. I loved finding little rooms with windows looking out over the countryside and getting lost within the caves and crypts!That evening I treated myself to a few beers and watched some football and had an amazing veggie burger at a place called Snooze. Then went over to the Adolphe bridge to watch the sunset which was gorgeous. The walk back at night was really pretty too. I was heading back to Brussels the next day before flying back home.

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