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Onwards, to Novi Sad! 

Novi Sad is located in the North of Serbia, it’s probably best known for the world renowned EXIT festival held there every year, we were headed there due to it’s geographical location and pretty architecture. 

We got the train at around half 9, grabbing some cheesy burek on the way. It’s only a couple of ££ and it takes an hour and a half or so. On the way out we witnessed the impact of the refugee crisis in Europe, as our train trundled past camps with ‘please don’t forget about us’ signs spray painted on walls. 

The train was nice and we soon arrived in our second to last destination. We walked from the station along the main thoroughfare towards the City centre, stopping for coffee and a quick hostel location check. 

It wasn’t far so we walked in the sun, Novi Sad seemed more city like than Belgrade but definitely smaller. We made it to the hostel Kutak, a little place not far from the main square. The reception smelt like drains, but the room was nice enough. 

Sarah had planned our adventure today so off we went to explore. We started off ny heading towards Danube’s park, a quaint little city park with a few cool statues, trees, and a nice duck pond with added turtles! 

We meandered through here to the museum Vojvodina, a kind of national history museum which was quite interesting but a bit wordy! There are laminated guides in English to help understand things a bit more. 

Once we’d had our fill of history we went back through the park and off over the Danube itself! I still love this river, I feel like I’ve got a lot of great memories linked to it. We crossed the Varadinski Most bridge and enjoyed the views of our destination….Petrovaradin Fortress! 

Although many settlements have been built at this location since before the Romans, the current structure was built between 1692-1780 and is where EXIT festival is held. We walked through the little old town and checked out the defensive walls, before walking up the hill past a church to the fortress. 

We crossed over a drawbridge to get inside. The views from up here were excellent, and it was interesting walking the whole way round looking at the various buildings, statues and gardens. 

It’s the top sight in Novi Sad and it’s definitely worth a visit even if you’re passing through.  At this point we were starved and had our first bad good! We stopped at a tiny bakery and got more Burek, but we started eating it and there was no filling. It was just hard cooked filo pastry. Disappointed we walked back into the centre and found a pizzeria called caribic and it’s the mecca for fast food. They had pizza, burgers, chicken, nachos, crepes and ice cream! Plus loads of extras and the best part was it’s super cheap.we were in our element and got pizza slices and nacho cheese fries to share with a big ice cream and toppings to finish off. 

We finished off our ice creams in the old town square, home to the magnificent Name of Mary church built in 1894 it towers over the square. 

There were a few markets dotted about as we wandered with no real purpose around some cute side streets and past old churches.  

We decided to walk down to the train station and get our tickets for the next morning.  It’s about a 20-30 minute walk from the centre, we got our tickets easily and were given the time and platform. Walking back up the weather started to turn so we went back to the hotel to chill out for a bit. 

Night descended on the day and we walked back around Novi Sad including to the bridge leading to the fortress to enjoy the night time views. 

The weather was really bad now with rain pouring down as we walked back up and saw a big protest go past, playing loud dance music and chanting. We think it was similar to the ones in Belgrade about the Presidential election. 

There were loads of police, so we went to a bar we’d seen whilst wandering and had a couple of beers. The smoking inside was starting to get us now so we left and picked up some bits from a shop on the way back to the hostel. The train to Budapest in the morning takes around 7 hours so we made sure we had stuff to do. 

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