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The famous cats of Kotor…and a little rain. 

Everyone was up and getting ready the next day when a few of us went to the local supermarket to pick up breakfast stuff for the next few days, some booze for the apartment and a few other nibbles and bits.  The market had loads of interesting stuff but mainly Mediterranean fare like cheese, bread, sliced meats etc. We noticed while we ate that a couple of huge cruise ships had appeared overnight in the marina. Not sure how they even fit there and wondering if the old town would be packed out we went out to explore the old town properly in daylight. 

The weather wasn’t meant to be so great but as we passed over bridges with the clearest rivers I’ve seen running beneath them and through the north gate into the town the sun was shining. I noticed steps up onto the walls surrounding the town so we walked up and were greeted with amazing views over the bay of kotor and the marina, including the huge cruise ships looming over us. 

It looked like there may be a bar/cafe up there in summer but we pretty much had the place to ourselves and it certainly wasn’t teeming with tourists. We continued our journey round the old walls looking out over the town rooftops and exploring the old ruined parts of the fortifications. After a while we had managed to walk the whole length of the walls and found ourselves on the opposite side, so we walked down some steps and entered the old town once again. 

After a few minutes of souvenir shops and staircases heading steeply up towards the mountains that cut Kotor off from the rest of Montenegro the rain started. Not really dressed for the wet weather we stopped at a bar, sat under the umbrellas and ordered beer and coffee I had a lovely dark version of their Niksicko beer.

We were in quite a nice square but the rain started getting heavier and heavier and we soon had waterfalls streaming down the steps towards us. It was actually quite fun but the promised thunder storm didn’t arrive, and the rain eased off a little so we went im search of lunch and found a little winery where we had more beer/wine and some incredible bruschetta. The place was really nicely decorated but we had plans, and seeing as it was a bit wet and cold we decided to do some cultural museum stuff. 

So we walked round to the cat museum, paid our 1E entrance fee and wandered around the 3 small rooms that were filled with pictures of cats. It was hilarious and it had loads of funny pictures of cartoon cats, angry cats and ladies posing with cats. They believe that the reason there are so many cats in Kotor is all the ships passing through the city throughout it’s history and cats would end up staying here. 

There are lots of little boxes around town you can chuck your change in to donate for food etc. As a cat lover I really enjoyed it, especially as it’s so cheap. We left and the weather had got marginally better so we tried to find all the places we hadn’t yet seen like a few more churches and squares, on the way we got super cheap but tasty ice cream. 

Finding ourselves on one of the main squares it was late afternoon so we stopped for another drink at the square pub, I asked the others to get me a beer and went to the toilet, when I came back there was a huge 2.5L self serve pitcher on the table. It was fun to pour our own beers and the music was great in there. Our plan was to go back to the apartment after this and get ready, chill out a bit and head out for dinner. 

We tried to find some good restaurants online but it was difficult to find actual menus for many of them so decided to chance it and find somewhere nice out in the town, as it happened we ended up in the main square and sat down before realising we were only a stone’s throw from last night’s restaurant. This place was comfy though and had less cat smell, the waiter told us what some of the traditional Montenegran dishes were and we all went traditional with seafood risotto, pork stuffed with meat and cheese and squid stuffed with the same. It was all incredible and tasty, especially the pork and squid, and it was nice to get a taste of the region. 

Once dinner was finished we went back to the square pub for a few more drinks but 11pm soon came along with the arrival of the police. Unfortunately Liz had got us all a shot of absinthe and when we got back decided to play heads up, a charades type app which kept us up till late laughing and drinking….not the best idea when we had a mountain to climb the next day. 

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