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Birthday hangover in Budva

The next day there were definitely some sore heads in the morning but we ploughed on through and the taxi driver from the first day picked us up to take us to Budva. It’s another place on the Adriatic coast with a walled town and this one had nearby beaches. The sun was shining and the taxi was 50 euro for return trip between all 6 of us. 

The beach had an old metal walkway out to a little island which was really cool. The views out over the sea were great too.

We wandered around the old town, which has a different vibe to it than Kotor, more stuff going on and a bit fancier. There was a big fortress and some nice little squares dotted around the place. With a lovely little walkway out to the beach. 

We headed down through the town to the marina and headed down a promenade looking for lunch. We found a place with tables out on the beach and had some traditional food, I had Cevapi, little kebab like sausages which I would see (and eat) all over the Balkans. 

Once we had finished our food it was beach time! The sun was out and it was lovely and warm, for us Brits anyway. We walked to the far end of the little Budva beach and around the cliffs on a walkway. Stopping to see the ballerina statue. 

We arrived at a stony beach with lovely views out over the sea and found our spot. There were a few locals sunbathing but no one in the water. I paddled in a bit and it was pretty cold, but I dived in and a few of the others joined me. We managed to stay in for a while and had a bit of a swim, then a few other people arrived on the beach and jumped in. The water was crystal clear and actually quite refreshing. 

We went back up onto the beach and warmed up a bit, enjoying the sunshine. Then a few of us decided to walk to some cliffs at the opposite end of the beach. It was fun although flip flops maybe weren’t the best choice of footwear to navigate the rocks. We had to go through caves and once we got to the end we were rewarded with a big water cave and deep pools between the rocks. 

The sun was going behind the cliffs at this point so we walked back to find the others and went along the walkway looking out at Budva, we decided to stop and get a drink at the Astoria looking out over the Adriatic as the sun was slowly sinking.  

We met up with our taxi driver and went back to Kotor, going over the mountains instead of over and round hairpin bends to add a little excitement to a now sleepy group of people.  

It was the last night and we all had to be up early the next day, Sarah was finally flying out and we were continuing on to Croatia and the others were flying back.  So we had an early dinner at the Astoria in Kotor eating comfort food before heading back and everyone passing out. 

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