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Birthday boat in the bay of Kotor!

Waking up we were off to climb to the fortress overlooking Kotor which you can see from most parts of town. The weather was a little cloudy but I was optimistic it would clear up. You find the main path by going through the North gate into town and taking one of the small side streets up the hill. As we walked up the path we soon found ourselves overlooking the town and the red tiled roofs. 

The views were already stunning and we were less than a third of the way up. As we walked up there were interesting old buildings and a lovely old church. We passed the church and continued to walk up the steps with lots of pretty mountain flowers growing from the rocks until we made it to the base of the fortress, here there were lots of stairways and routes you could take and really explore. 

One route led through an old window onto a goat path to an abandoned village with a little church, but due to a suprise we didn’t have the time to go down. We had also heard a rumour that you could walk in the opposite way and find yourself at the house of the goat man, where you could eat home made food including his own reared animals. However I can’t authenticate these rumours. Anyway, we continued on up and across an old suspect looking metal bridge but we safely navigated our way over it before we reached the top and it was incredible, the town now looked tiny below us while we could see the whole of the bay spread out in front of us with mountains dominating the horizon. The best thing was that the sun had come out! 

We basked in the sunshine, had a swig of whiskey from my flask, took lots of pictures and explored around the top of the fortress, even the views behind us of the abandoned village and mountains was spectacular. 

We soaked it all in and when everyone was ready we headed back down, it’s definitely not an easy walk but there are lots of places to stop and relax before continuing and it’s all steps that aren’t too steep. 

On the way down it was pretty uneventful apart from a couple of nuns who had been visiting the church and the now obligatory cats waiting at the bottom for us. So now we had lunch, but just stopped off at a supermarket and bad fast food place in the shopping centre. The best part of this was my first taste of Burek, a local balkan dish of spinach and cheese in a pastry. I’d find out later that the filling was very important depending on which country we were in. 

Now it was time for the surprise, everyone brought drinks with them and I was told to bring something. We walked down towards the old town and marina where we met mickey who had a boat waiting for us! It was so great to have my own private boat trip around Kotor bay and such an amazing surprise from everyone. 

We set off and we were all excitable as we charged off over the water with the sun shining. There was loads to see as we sped past little towns and took in the views all around us. Montenegro scenery is dramatic and we were utterly spellbound by it’s beauty. Our first destination was our lady of the rocks, a man made island with just a church and a lighthouse built on it. It was really beautiful and interesting and we got some great group pictures there. 

The next stop was Perast, an old picturesque town built right down onto the water, so we walked along the sea front looking at all the different fish and the large clusters of mussels lining the walls. The water was so clear you could see right down to the bottom. We saw the old church and a few other buildings before getting back on the boat and heading back. The sun was now going down behind the mountains which left an orange glow over the mountain tops in front of us. 

It’s such a beautiful place and the landscape is really something, very scenic and peaceful. Definitely recommend taking some kind of boat out as it’s great to get a different perspective from the water. 

We arrived back after a lot of laughing on the return journey and quickly went back to the apartment to get ready and go out.  We had heard that on a Friday places were open till 1am which gave us a bit later to enjoy ourselves. There’s a club in the town somewhere but we weren’t sure where abouts.  

We stopped at a restaurant and had the usual pizza, pasta fare instead of typical Montenegro food, although the Venetians ruled this area once upon a time and built many of the old towns so maybe Italian was okay. 

The best part of the meal were the free drinks after we had paid. The people in Montenegro are so friendly and helpful it’s really welcoming. We learnt a few words such as thankyou etc which I always think helps. 

Meal over with it was back to the square pub where we sat and drank and watched a live Montenegro band perform various popular local songs (I presume anyway) before it was suddenly 1am and we made it back to the apartment through the winding streets. 

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