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Zdravo! Montenegro….

It was time for birthday celebrations, destination; Montenegro! Planned by my friends for months we arrived at the airport in Manchester and had the obligatory beer and breakfast. Getting on the plane we suddenly got a message from two of our friends that the flight was overbooked and they wouldn’t be able to make it. One friend was traveling on with me in 5 days but the other completely missed out. We were all gutted and easyjet customer service was really poor. Won’t go into it too much on here but it was a massive shame. One of them was heading onwards with me for a trip around a dew of the other Balkan countries but would now meet me in a few days when the others flew back. 

The flight was otherwise uneventful and we landed in Tivat mid-afternoon though we had great views of Budva on the descent. When you leave the airport there is a mass of taxi drivers all trying to get your business. We went in two cars as there were 6 of us and the journey to Kotor was 15E per car. The best part was going deep under the mountains through a tunnel and emerging out over Kotor. The views of the bay were amazing and the old town walls really cool. 

We met our host by the only shopping centre and she showed us to our apartment. With views over the bay, the old town and the fortress high up the hill it was stunning. Once we had all decided on our rooms and had a quick freshen up we wandered down to the marina and entered Kotor old town through the sea gate. It’s such a cute and pretty old town. It’s not huge but you can definitively get lost wandering through the small side streets, past churches and little squares. Kotor is famous for it’s cat population and there were no end to our feline friends following us around. 

It’s actually pretty funny as they have souvenir shops full of cat themed trinkets and even a museum dedicated to cats….but more on that later. As night fell we decided it was time for some food and were tempted by an offer of meat from one local place. The food was really good with some of us having pizza and the others indulging themselves in the meat plate. 

A meat theme that would continue throughout the holiday. Beer and food was well priced at a couple of euro/pounds under what you’d expect to pay in the UK, although we had travelled to Kotor for birthday celebrations we weren’t sure what kind of nightlife it offered, certainly mid week the answer was little. 

We had walked past a small pub on one of the many side streets and headed there after our meal, it was small and basic but in a cool way and we sat upstairs with a small window open overlooking the dark Kotor streets we chatted away until around 11pm when we asked the barman what time he would close, his reply of 5,10,20 minutes was rather vague but we soon realised why as the majority of people had left the pub when the local police turned up! 

Ensuring the place was adhering to an 11pm curfew, we had to finish our drinks quietly and were then ushered out. It was the first night but it soon became apparent that Kotor wasn’t going to be a big party place, but I actually think it’s really great to avoid the old town turning into complete mayhem. With that we headed back and relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. 

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