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Latvia and the beach town in winter. 

Today we only had a few hours to make the most of our last day. Especially factoring in the lie in and subsequent feast at breakfast. We decided we had seen everything we wanted to in the city so once again we hopped on a train. Today we were travelling West towards the Baltic sea, through the Riga suburbs and countryside. It’s a seaside town around 30 minutes out from Riga centre by train.

We arrived at our stop, Majori and disembarked the train. We followed the crowds across to a park and veered off to look at a statue of a viking killing a dragon.

We walked straight down towards the sea past a dodgy looking 70s style hotel and emerged with a stunning view. After taking the obligatory pictures with a bronze turtle we stepped onto the soft white sand and went straight for the waves. The sun was out and we could see over to Estonia, we thought it would be freezing but it was fine.

We strolled up the beach looking for Baltic amber but only finding the same shells, seaweed and flotsam. The beach was quite busy with Sunday strollers and as we turned back we walked along the top of the beach, turning off to head inland.

Jurmala is very pretty with lots of cute coloured buildings made of wood often with a turret or tower of some sort attached. The main street is filled with restaurants and shops including little market stalls in wooden sheds. We stopped for the now obligatory coffee and cake which was, as always, divine.

There was also a gallery which we thought we’d have a quick look in and needn’t have bothered, along with the cultural centre which housed some interesting photos of Latvia but not much else. As we walked back to the station the sun was slowly going down which gave us a great view over the river of the fishermen out in their boats.
The train back was uneventful but we noted how efficient all the transport services were.

Arriving back in Riga we attempted to find a beaver in the parks along the canal but again only managed to spot signs they were about. I had read that they were becoming a nuisance in the city, one report stated a man had even been attacked by one!

This was our last wander and we picked our luggage up and, after a slight error in bus stops we were back on the 222 for 2E to the airport with the sunsetting on our journey.

The trip was wonderful, people and place were warm and friendly with enough to keep us occupied  The festival of light was a real surprise and treat to be involved in it all. Next stop in December….Lithuania!

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