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The last day, 6 weeks gone far too quickly.

Today was the last day, travelling for six weeks has been amazing, we’ve seen and done some incredible things and are so blessed to be able to do it. Working hard for almost a year to save and all the planning has absolutely been worth it. I could definitely keep going, flights to Malaysia/Singapore/Honk Kong/Burma are all £60-90. I’ll save that for another trip though.

We got up late after the revels of the night before, and headed to the Sunday market on sky train for some extra shopping before we leave. It was an okay place, some good clothes and not so good ones, but we found a few things for people back at home. As amazing as the markets in Asia can be, they can also be a load of tat just like at home. You’ll also realise that it’s the same tat in Thailand as it is in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Once done with shopping we went for some lunch and to cool down.

Our flight was at 6am the following day so we booked a hotel 5 minutes away from the airport to ensure we got there okay, it was £7 each and had a pool! So we thought we would head over there at 4 to enjoy it, the hotel we were at I’m Bangkok hailed us a cab and said it should be around 200baht. How wrong they were, it was 220baht, plus 85baht to get on two different toll roads.

Arriving at a street that didn’t look quite right, the taxi driver insisted it was so we got out and walked down to a dead end. I checked on my map and realised we were about 6 miles away! We couldn’t believe it, so we started the long trek to the hotel. 2 hours later and a lot of avoiding stray dogs we made it. A good last work out before we go home.

By the time we got there it was almost 7pm and we were disgusting, sweaty and dirty. So we showered and went back out to find food and a well earned beer. We found a small area filled with food carts and what better way to finish off in Asia than with pad thai sat on a plastic chair.



We went to a nearby bar and had a could of beers whilst watching some football and a cockroach running around the place. Went back to the hotel and I watched the Arsenal game on my phone and Leia watched some crazy U.S. version of the cube.

We slowly fell asleep ready to face 18 hours of traveling the following day.

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