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Returning to Bangkok for the weekend.

Today we had a relaxing time in the morning, Leia had a lie in and I booked us a minivan back to Bangkok, 100 baht cheaper than the one there! We left at 11:30 and the van was so much nicer than the last two we had been on. Cool and comfortable, the rest stop reminded me how much I will miss the prices! A big bag of fresh pineapple, can of ice coffee and a coconut ice cream cost £1.


We were dropped off at khao san road and did some last minute shopping. Getting some new tops ready for a night out later. Once we were sufficiently sweaty and hot we jumped a tuk tuk to a nearby sky train and headed over to Sala Daeng station. We planned to watch Bangkok Utd at their stadium which started at six, but the skytrain was delayed, we had to check in to our hotel and then get to the stadium! In the end we took a taxi which cost £4 for a half hour journey and made it to the Thai-Japanese stadium up by the victory monument and were only ten minutes late. It cost 150baht or £3 for a ticket, the stadium was pretty small but it was fun! Bangkok Utd were already 1-0 up and had some vociferous fans opposite us waving huge flags and banging big drums.



Bangkok were by far the better team and were 5-0 up before the opposition scored a great free kick just before half time. We got 25p slushies and sausages on a stick for half time snacks and were ready for the second half. The quality of football was pretty poor but better than I was expecting, the crowd still cheered them on but the game had become stale and didn’t improve. 90 minutes came and we left for silom area in a taxi. Going past Centro world which was all lit up for Christmas.


The night markets at Silom were really good, I wish we could have got some stuff there but we stopped off in the Irish bar from the beginning of our trip and paid for overpriced beer.

After 6 weeks of £2 or less beer we found £3 a little excessive, God knows what we’ll do when we go out at home!


We ended up round the corner at Silom Soi 4, the gay street, it was a small street lined with chairs full of people watching as we walked down between the bars. We grabbed a table and had a beer before going to see what else was going on.

As we were walking I saw someone I knew, Chinmay and his boyfriend Jack! I was aware he was in Bangkok but hadn’t planned on meeting, it was so random but good to chat and talk holidays, they were just at the beginning of theirs while we are at the end of ours.


After chatting away they went off as they were flying early to Phuket and we had a couple more beers as it quieted down. A quick stop off at 7/11 (Gutted that KFC had just closed) to get burgers and water we went back to the hotel.

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