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Our time on Koh Samet

The last few days have been pretty much the same, Saturday we had a really chilled out day getting takeaway pad thai and lemon slushys in the morning. Wandering around the town in the afternoon and then going for food at a place recommended by a few people.


Sadly it wasn’t as good as our little ladies further down the road. After that it was football time, we had scouted out a couple of places earlier and settled on funky monkey. The less Saud about the football the better for me, but Everton did well so it wasn’t all bad. We ended back up in friendly bar and I made up for the arsenal loss by beating Leia several times at connect 4. I had a midnight swim to cool off and we walked back up to the house.


Sunday came and we had our takeaway noodles again and chilled in the house, at around 1pm we went to the beach, just staying at the closest one. It was nice going in the afternoon and it soon cooled down so we could play frisbee, our arms are starting to ache from it! We swam and relaxed, had ice creams and then enjoyed a beautiful sunset across the beach.


We had food at our little place again and made a decision, we would check out a day early and head to Kanchanaburi. It’s nice being able to relax but I think 10 days is too long when there aren’t many things to do on the island, maybe if we had headed south to the bigger islands there would have been more to do.


I also think we’ve spent the last 5 weeks adventuring around SE Asia and have gotten used to seeing new things every day. We also found the best chicken wings ever, coated in batter, deep fried and covered in sesame seeds. So good!


Monday we tried a new beach where we could lounge more and did the usual stuff, frisbee, bat and ball and swimming. We went for tea at the little place again and saw that the lantern festival was starting, we wandered round but it wasn’t too busy in the evening, and it was just the start.


The next day we went back to our favourite beach and enjoyed the last day of sunshine and nothing to do. That night we treated ourselves to pizza and then went back to the festival where more was happening.


We played some carnival games and Leia won a bean bag character in a shooting game and I was one balloon sway from winning a big iron man teddy in darts. The less said about the ball and tin cans the better.


We booked our 250 baht minibus to Bangkok and got an early night all packed up ready for the next adventure.


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