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Koh Samet and scootering around.

Today was the day, Leia and Liam have been talking about motorbikes for the last four weeks and this day had been designated. We went down to the shop and got bikes and full tank for a fiver each.

I’ve never been on a bike before, not even on the back of one. They’ve always been a slightly scary proposition knowing the dangers of them, even more so watching the SE Asian driving skills. However I’m here to try new things and push myself so we set off and I nearly crashed into Leia as I got to grips with the handle being the accelerator! It was a lot more sensitive than I expected, but I made it back to the house in one piece, and had a practice on the quiet front of the complex.

I was doing well until I forgot the brakes and went into the curb, only suffering a slight cut. Leia and Liam returned and we went off to explore the island Liam crashing into a bike within a minute, maybe the cigarette whilst driving a scooter for the first time wasn’t the best idea. Leia led the way and drove slow and carefully so I could follow her lead, we stopped at the reservoir and then got to a huge slope on the road and were told to turn back or park up. So we turned around, Liam nearly accelerating off the side of the road down a steep slope.

We found a little place called sunset viewpoint, so we parked up and enjoyed the stunning views out over the bay. In less than ten minutes of driving we had gone from the east coast to the west.


We decided to go south, I say decided, it’s the only other way to go. The way had lots of turns, and steep slopes up and down. There are speed bumps everywhere to prevent speeding around which was good for me, it meant we went at a leisurely pace. Even so it only took 15 minutes or so to reach the southern tip. We went to the eastern viewpoint first, which was spoiled a bit by lots of rubbish that was funneled in.



At the top there was a swing made from a branch and some rope so we had a go on that and while walking over to the western side we saw a lizard with bright orange spots along it’s belly.


The western side was filled with little towers made from stacking rocks similar to the ones on the beach. The views were great and you could see over to another tiny island.


With that we had seen the whole island, we drove back to the house and plotted our next course of action while Leia and li had brunch. We decided on a secluded beach called Ao Wai, we passed several signs for various beaches down tracks and finally found the one! Parking up we walked down to find mangrove trees filling the beach and a short stretch of white sand, the water wasn’t as clear as Ao Thub Thim, but we had fun playing bat and ball, and swimming/floating around.

It was great lying in the shade of a huge tree cooling off from the heat, we stayed till the sun had disappeared behind the trees and set off, hoping to see the sun set at one of many viewpoints. The sky looked clear but when we got to a scenic spot the horizon was covered in cloud. We sped on and got back to the house, we were there for a while before setting off for tea.

We went to a place called Chilli as it was cheap and looked good. I had pork with basil and chilli and Leia had American rice with hotdogs and chicken. Liam went for fried vegetables and rice. After food we went down to the beach, but Liam decided he was going to drive the bike around the island more.


Leia and I went and sat at friendly bar, ordered some beers and spent the evening chatting away, watching lightning brighten the sky in the distance. The bar was good, it was nice and chilled out and had lots of nice lights and candles.


The stars were so bright and it seemed like there were twice as many. It really is a beautiful place, especially at night when there are less people around.


We walked back to the house and watched some tv before drifting off.

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