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A full day at Ao Thub Thim.

Today was another early rise, Leia and I took our bikes back and Liam decided to have it for another day.
So we parted ways and headed down to the beach, walking along the surf in the morning sunshine we decided to go back to the beach we had enjoyed the most so far, Ao Thub Thim. We got there and there must have been only a few other people there with us. As we sat down on some deck chairs to consolidate our base for the day a small dog came over and settled between us, digging into the warm sand to uncover the cooler sand underneath.


We got ourselves a frisbee and brought our snorkelling gear so we set off round the bay looking for our fishy friends, unfortunately the storm from the night before seemed to have stirred the waters and it wasn’t crystal clear like the last time we were there. However we still saw lots and got some good underwater pics with my camera.

We had a game of frisbee and sat enjoying the sun when we noticed people looking up at something in a nearby tree. We went over to see what the fuss was and there was a tiny little snake up on a branch! It was bright green and very pretty, not scary at all.


After this we were hungry so got chicken with garlic, pork with basil and chilli and rice. It was lush again, washed down with a chang of course. Lunch finished we relaxed for a while in the shade of our umbrella and enjoyed the view in front of us.


We swam out to the platform far out, by the time we got there we were cream crackered so lay out in the sun and baked, watching little fish rush about beneath us.

We did some diving off the platform, streamlining into the sea, going so saw down I could see the bottom, then Leia had a go and slipped at the crucial moment, unceremoniously flopping into the water. After that it was time to swim back, avoiding the imaginary sharks in my head as we made it back.



More sunbathing and frisbeeing and it was time to go before the sun set completely, so we clambered over the rocks and back down the beaches to the house. We basked in the cool air con and got ready, deciding to go to the same little place we had crab a couple of days before.

It was immense, we got lemon slushys for 40baht and ordered shrimp tempura, pork fried rice and mussel pancakes. It’s the best food we’ve had for ages, and it all cost less than £6 for the two of us!

It was so good we forgot to take pictures, and the two ladies, one making the drinks, the other cooking the food were so lovely and happy to see us.

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