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Koh Samet and the best beach so far.

I woke early, excited for the day, dressed I left the others sleeping and walked down the opposite direction we went in the previous night. There were several bars and restaurants along the road and two 7/11s opposite each other before you came to the entrance of the beach. You’re supposed to give a one off payment of 200baht for the upkeep of the national park but so far no one had asked for it.

Walking through a tunnel of shops selling beachwear, souvenirs and games I emerged to a gorgeous stretch of beach and water. I was so happy, kicking off my sandals my feet plunged into the sea and it was so warm already! I walked through the surf down past lots of deck chairs and bars/restaurants and started to notice a few bits of rubbish here and there which is a massive shame, but something I’ve read is quite common in these touristy areas. I reached some rocks with a mermaid statue perched ontop.


I walked back up the beach and back to the house where the others were just rising. We all got ready, bought a bat and ball set on the way and soon had our spot on the beach. Immediately we were in the water, enjoying the warmth and how clear it was, you good see fish swimming past (and a glass bottle 😦 )

Even with a couple of bits of plastic floating around it was paradise compared to the cities we’d come from, especially the sadness of Phnom Penh. We spent a few hours there lapping up the sun, soaking in the water and chatting to a couple of women in the sea. It was then that I started to worry about burning, plus I was starving. So we packed up and went in search of food, do we stopped off at a place near the entrance of the beach, eating papaya salad, rice and chicken and seafood.

We went back to the house to cool off and chill out, had a bit of a siesta until Leia was gagging for pizza. So went to a place called funky monkey where Leia and Liam had pizza and I stuck to rice with egg and vegetables. The women from earlier had mentioned a fireshow at a bar called Ploy out on the beach front, so we went there and got a seat second from the front and a beer. Four people near us ordered the most food ever and got a tower of beer! It looked well good, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I tried out the google star map app and found Neptune and andromeda as we waited for the show. Some sparks in the distance heralded the beginning of the show. There were 11 guys and one girl in total and they started doing some regular tricks and moves out on the beach.

Next thing they were on a stage at the front of Ploy bar and doing loads of impressive tricks and twirls.


They came running through the crowd, blowing fire in the air and carrying on the show, once they got to the beach the bar blared out 90s techno music while they acrobatically lept around, standing on shoulders and doing all sorts of flicks. It was pretty cool and there’s always that ‘danger’ element with fire.


The finale was a different type of fire, which sprayed sparks up and away from the performers, it was a good way to end the show and looked spectacular.



With the show ended lots of people went out to play with the fire etc, two Thai girls asked for their picture with me, totally felt like a celebrity haha. With that I was ready for bed, I am not much of a party animal in Thailand. I got back and relaxed, the others arrived 45 minutes later and it was bedtime! Tomorrow, snorkelling!

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