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Koh Samet and swimming with the fishes.

I was up and out early again this morning, sat outside Olly’s to use the WiFi and have a water while watching the world go by. Next thing I know there’s loads of music, cheering, and general merriment! Some kind of small parade was making it’s way through the street.


It was barely 8am and already scorching so I can see why they did it at this time. I’ve no idea what it was for though.


I went back to the house with Leia wondering what all the noise was about. Today we had decided to try a beach further south than the original one. So beach gear in hand we spent 20 minutes or so walking up the road till we saw a sign for Ao Thub Thim, a beach that was meant to be lovely. We got down and it was spread in front of us, hardly anyone else around, a little cove with a couple of restaurants set back from the beach. It was on the way Leia and I had bought some snorkelling gear and couldn’t wait to get it on! The sea was clear, full of fish and the best bit, rubbish free! It was almost impossible not to see fish but we headed for the rocks on one side and there we saw a myriad of them all colours and shapes. There was a platform way out in the sea so we swam towards it, watching the sea floor get further and further away.

When we got closer to the platform we saw loads of little fish all swimming underneath it, with some bigger colourful fish just on the periphery of the action. Hauling ourselves up onto the floating deck we spent some time diving and jumping in. It was a lot of fun, but we had more snorkelling to do, so we dove back in and went towards the other side of the cove. Here we saw lots of coral and even more fish, loads of sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and a few unidentified animals that disappeared into crevices along the rocks.


It was the first time I had been snorkelling since I was little, there was a slight fear of what could be lurking out there just beyond our vision but the joy of seeing all these things out did the fear!


We stopped for lunch, buying pineapple, snake fruit and wa wa. It was all delicious, the wa wa and snake fruit totally different to other fruit back home. More fun in the sea followed and the sun was soon starting to dip beyond the trees. We walked back along the white sand beaches and up the road to the house. I realised it took half the amount of time to walk when going the beach route.


Cooling off with the air con and relaxing after a full day in the sea we went out to grab a bite, stopping in a plastic chair and table style place for noodles and rice. Again the food was great, and there’s loads of choice depending on how western or eastern you want to be. We fancied cake after this but the one place that looked good was closed, so we settled for treats from 7/11 and got cosy back at the house.

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