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A new hotel, and being groped by the concierge.

The next morning we had to change hotels as they had no room, but we had booked one further down the river with a pool and JacuZzi again.

The walk there was hot but uneventful, when we got there the host was waiting and very interested in me and Liam. After checking in we were shown up to the room which wasn’t ready but we could leave our bags in. The next thing I know the host pretends to trip and falls into my, his hands pressing up against my body! It was a hilarious move, I couldn’t believe it.

We then spent most of the day relaxing by the pool, being flirted with and generally enjoying the sun and pool. It was nice to relax but I’ve found I definitely enjoy being out and about exploring more than chilling out. The host tried to get as much skin contact as possible while we were there, whether it was buying drinks or trying to get in the fridge he was always there!


As usual hunger sent us out into the streets, this time we went somewhere nearby the previous nights place. This one wasn’t as great, more flies and I got a papaya salad which was warm and brown.  Luckily I wasn’t very hungry so left it, we then stocked up on a few bits, I picked up my laundry and Leia and I went for a walk through the night markets.

Once done we booked bus tickets to the border town of poipet for $3.75, had a drink and ice cream in blue pumpkin and were back in the hotel for 8pm. It was another early get up in the morning, ready for a gruelling 12 hour trip to Koh Samet, our chill out island for the next ten days. Chosen due to the weather being absolutely shocking at the other major islands.

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