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A lone ranger round town and another disappointing sunset

As with most days I woke early and went to fill up on the buffet breakfast, before getting back into bed and sleeping for a bit. I woke up and decided to get ready and go out rather than spend the next few hours waiting for the sunset in the hotel.

The others were still in bed as I left and walked across to the town, I walked through small alleyways packed with restaurants and souvenir shops, over the river to a labrynthian market selling the usual touristy stuff. I think I ended up walking along the same streets two or three times before I headed into the old market where about a million different scents and sounds hit me.

After making my way through the market I was starting to get v hot so I stopped at a place called Blue Pumpkin, there are a few around the town and they do ice cream,cakes and juices, so I had a lemon juice shake. It was lovely and refreshing as I sat cross legged up on a big deep sofa with loads of cushions, shoes left on the floor.

Once I had cooled down I hit the streets again, taking in the different sights, I ended up back by Viva the Mexican restaurant from the first day. So with the 50c beer too tempting and the free WiFi I sat and edited more blog. It wasn’t the best place to watch the world go by so I went down by the river and back to Sister Srey. At this point Leia and Liam were up and had been enjoying the Jacuzzi at the hotel, something that due to my tattoo I couldn’t utilise.

They were ready for food and in my wanderings I had seen some cheap Cambodian places along the old market, so while they got ready I went to a bar a little closer and waited for them to join. Once together again we went and had food, it was super cheap and pretty good. I had spicy fried rice with beef, Leia had pineapple rice and spring rolls, Liam went for a Cambodian stew type dish served in a coconut. The only bad bit were the soggy and warm spring rolls.

Now we were ready to do the sunset, Sambang was waiting for us and luckily reminded me about our tickets! The sky had a few clouds but we hoped they’d go by the time the sun went down.



We arrived at a small temple where there were about 20 other people up at the top. It was an alright spot but the sun would just go behind the jungle, I think watching it go down behind a temple or on the lake would be much better. As we sat waiting and watching we soon realised it was going to be the same as in Laos, the clouds were all on the horizon and the sun just disappeared behind these and didn’t put on a show for us.


It was a shame but not every sunset will be gorgeous and we’ve seen a couple of good ones.


With that it was back to the hotel,going through the forests in the dark with just the outer limit of trees illuminated was scary but fun. Imagining the evil monkeys were just beyond the light, ready to pounce at any moment.


As we got back to town I could see the sky lighting up in the distance, we got ready and went for a drink on the hotel rooftop. Sat there we could see the lightning shooting out across the clouds, it was spectacular and maybe made up for the poor sunset. We were up early in the morning, leaving at 5am for the Angkor Wat sunrise and more temples so we had one beer out in a nearby bar and were tucked up in bed by 10.


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